Hey, there! We’re KTL Consulting.

We like numbers. We like people. We’re good at both.

We are a team of bookkeepers serving businesses near Sydney, Australia…

…and we need you to forget everything you know about bookkeepers.

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Sure, we’re experts just like the next guy.

Our difference is our attitude.

We believe enthusiasm is contagious and balancing books doesn’t need to be dull. We search for creative solutions to streamline your processes, saving you money and time—and headaches and snores.

And if you aren’t careful, you just might like us soon. 


Do you have a sense of humor?


No? Sorry, no sore sports around here.

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Yes? Great! We’re going to get along swell.

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Do you like to save money?

 No? Come back when you do.


Yes? Perfect! We can help

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Are your books a total mess?

No? Why are you searching for a bookkeeper?!

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 Yes? We know you need us.

Soon, you’ll know you need us too.

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